The Red Light District in Amsterdam

the red lights district

The Red Light District has always been a cheerful part of town. When Amsterdam was still quite young, it was enclose by earthen walls for protection and referred to as De Wallen. The most popular streets are Oudezijds Achterburgwal and Oudezijds Voorburgwal. In the beginning, the town brought in money through fishery, then timber, spices, tea and coffee. The oldest section of the town is the Red Light District. Escorts have worked here since Amsterdam began. When most people think about Amsterdam, they think about the canals and the Red Light District. This district has been pulling in the crowds for numerous decades.

When people walk through Amsterdam’s narrow streets, escorts will start appearing in the windows during the early afternoon. The Red Light District gets really interesting at roughly 11:00 p.m. This is when the red lights are turned on over the windows to show call girls Amsterdam services. There is no doubt these escorts are the hottest the world has to offer. When the escort turns off the red light, she is no longer available. There are approximately 400 vitrines leading to a fierce competition. The escorts attract customers by wearing a wide variety of outfits including bunnies, cats, police women and sexy nurses. Some escorts knock on the windows and wave at the men as they pass by.

When a gentleman is interested in hiring an escort, he simply knocks on her door. This is when the negotiations start. The majority of the escorts can choose their terms and their price because they work independently. Louisa Knight, a London-based escort is a wonderful example of how independent escorts conduct business. The general rule of thumb is the greater the demands of the customer, the higher the price. Escorts and escort services became legal in the Netherlands in 1811. Originally brothels were banned, but this law was lifted fourteen years ago. Amsterdam recognizes escorts the same as they do every other kind of business. Escorts must pay taxes, have access to medical care and even have their own union.

the red lights district

Escort services in Amsterdam are considered to be safe due to the heavy regulations. This is especially true when compared to similar services offered through the underground in numerous countries. Escorts are required to have a permit. The Red Light District is patrolled by a lot of policemen to ensure both the escorts and the customers remain safe. The escorts are also required to take health tests frequently. Once of the most important things a first time visitor to the Red Light District must understand is it is strictly forbidden to photograph any of the escorts. This is not a part of their job and their privacy should always be respected.

The Moulin Rouge is a popular section of the Red Light District. This is where gentlemen go to enjoy a lot of popular shows featuring both escorts and beautiful women. The Red Light District is also about much more than the windows with the red lights. This is one of the oldest sections of Amsterdam and is filled with gorgeous architecture and amazing food. During the day, the area is picturesque. People come for the wide assortment of unique shops, restaurants and cafes to sample delicious foods from all over the world. The area also encompasses the Nieuwmarkt square produce market on Sundays, the gothic Oude Kerk church and Chinatown.

Despite the incredible food, amazing architecture, wonderful shops and theater, the main attraction of the Red Light District are the escorts. These women are exceptionally beautiful, charming, well educated, charismatic and a pleasure to be around. They are the heart and soul of the Red Light District.